"from your garden, to your table ... Nature's way"
"Nature's grocery store right outside your door"

  1. Cool Season Veggies
    Cool Season Veggies
    Local Community Garden in Long Beach
  2. Renovation
    Before and After Herb Garden
  3. Greenhouse
    Before and After Installation of Greenhouse
  4. Cruciferous Vegetables
    Cruciferous Vegetables
    Cabbage, Collards and Broccoli ... Oh My !!!
  5. Garden in the Palisades
    Garden in the Palisades
    Paneled cage to keep the critters out
  6. Melons 'R' Us
    Melons 'R' Us
  7. Great Wall of Green Beans
    Great Wall of Green Beans
    Move over Jolly Green Giant
  8. Baby Watermelon
    Baby Watermelon
  9. Swiss Chard
    Swiss Chard
    In all its Glory
  10. Rooftop Garden
    Rooftop Garden
  11. Native Landscape
    Native Landscape
    Drought Tolerant Plants in all colors and shapes
  12. Installation
    The crew hard at work
  13. Color Bowl
    Color Bowl
    Succulent arrangement with working fountain
  14. Companion Planting
    Companion Planting
    So happy together
  15. Organic Harvest
    Organic Harvest
    Need I say more
  16. Hot Pepper
    Hot Pepper
  17. So Beautiful
    So Beautiful
    Peppers on the balcony
  18. Carrots
  19. Peppers on the Balcony
    Peppers on the Balcony
  20. Raised Beds
    Raised Beds
    Cedar or Redwood.
  21. Revitalization
    Before we got the call
  22. Sunflowers
  23. Revitalization
    After we left
  24. Backyard Project
    Backyard Project
  25. Maintenance
    Hand Watering is a necessity
  26. Melons
    Taking Over, in a good way
  27. Whiskey Barrel Planting
    Whiskey Barrel Planting
    Blueberries and Nasturtiums
  28. Lettuce and Herb Bar
    Lettuce and Herb Bar
    Caged up for protection
  29. Installation
    Before and After again
Welcome to Organic Harvest Gardens
 Your foremost source for Design, Installation and Maintenance of Organic Herb and Vegetable Gardens, Kitchen Gardens,  Edible, Native and general landscaping. We also specialize in care and maintenance of fruit trees and orchards. We will design, install and maintain your garden "Nature's Way"; without the use of chemically based fertilizers, pesticides, and weed control. Scientific research has found these chemicals to be toxic to humans, animals and microscopic life in the soil, as well, ground water and the vegetables we consume. Organic growing is "Nature's Way".  The benefits of an Organic Home Garden are less travel time to table, health benefits, better taste, and greater nutrition.
What we call organic today, our grandparents simpy called food.
Making Vegetable Gardens Aesthetically Beautiful and Yeilding Bountiful Harvest
Free consultation to evaluate the proper position, size and process for your own Organic Vegetable Garden,  Edible, Native or general Landscape.
Proper installation of boxes, irrigation, soil, plants, organic fertilizers and garden structures.
Multiple Maintenance options availible from weekly (cleaning, feeding, harvesting) to Bi-Yearly (warm and cool season installations).
Native Landscapes
Vegetable Gardens
Edible Landscapes
Garden Structures
100% Organic vegetable gardens installation with OMRI (Organic Materal Research Institute) approved material. Vegetable and Herbs can be planted from transplants or from seed based on availability and season.
Edible Landscapes...whether fruit trees, perrenials, or micro greens, your new landscape will be based on a sustanible living techniques of permaculture, green and Xeriscape design.
Landscaping with California native plants and succulents are not just a craze or passing fad.  When home owners throughout Southern California are taking drastic measures to keep their yards looking green or, at the very least, alive.
Garden Structures consists of wood, iron, or concrete material custom made to match the feel, look and functionality of the landscape. Whether trellising, basins, water barrels, pots or troughs these will make your garden unique and vibrant.
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Apartment Balcony and Patio Gardens
Small space, no problem! You can still grow your own organic vegetables. If you have a sunny spot, and access to water we can get you growing organic veggies.

Our gardens produce abundant yields even when growing in small restricted spaces, like on apartment balconies and patios. Restaurants too, can have a small growing space on the premises for growing organic herbs and salad greens.