"from your garden, to your table ... Nature's way"
"Nature's grocery store right outside your door"

We are commited to you and your family through the healthy process of organic gardening
At Organic Harvest Gardens, we are two University of California Certified Master Gardeners, who head up a TEAM of committed and passionate Organic vegetable gardeners and general landscapers. With over 20 years of colletive experience in Organic vegetable gardening and landscaping, you can rest assure that you are in capable and professional hands. Rod, the Director of Design and Master Gardener, currently serves on the board of Directors as Vice President of Long Beach Organic Inc., which oversees 10 community gardens in the Long Beach Area. He is also a trained world traveled professional Chef, specializing in all types of cuisine, with an emphasis on Organic cooking. Adam, a highly skilled and informed Master Gardener has an extensive background in horticulture, garden centers, retail nurseries and private/commercial estates. He is a Certified Irrigation Repair Technician from Irrigatior Technical Traning School, as well as, the Long Beach Chapter President.

We, at Organic Harvest Gardens are zealous and dedicated in assisting you in your desire to live a greener lifestyle. We make it our priority to hold every client in high esteem, from the smallest to the largest. 
It is our goal to design, build and maintain the garden that you and your family deserve, from hand crafted garden beds to the very best nutritional and flavor packed veggies your could never purchase from the grocery store. 
Our aim is: 

  • To help you reconnect to the soil
  • To help you reconnect with your food.
  • To help you feel confident about what you're feeding your family.  

Growing your own organic veggies causes a deep appreciation for the process of watching your food grow right before your eyes, there is also the added experience of great nutrition and  health benefits plucked from "Nature's grocery store, right outside your back door"
Invest in organic veggies Today and save money Tomorrow!
Tired of throwing money away on your "lawn" ? Why not redirect those resources into something that you can actually appreciate, eat and enjoy.
Scientific data notes, that people who eat home grown organic vegetables are more likely to be energenic, lose a few pounds, sleep better and their children enjoy eating what they grow.
Why not beat the Joneses,  get your organic veggie garden first!
Tired of throwing away bunches of cilantro, parsley and various herbs  form the store,  grow your own and snip off what you need when you need it.
Don't have a green thumb, allow us to help you enjoy the benefits of organic vegetable gardening..