Restaurant Partners of 
The city of Long Beach
is a growing Mecca for great Chefs and Restaurants
 that are renown for exquisite dinning, serving hyper-local faire.
We are proud to partner with some of the Long Beach Areas finest.

These Chefs and restaurants with their green-minded initiative,
desire to practice sustainable methods and to support the Local food industry.

James Republic

Executive Chef
Peter Cox

As Executive Chef at James Republic, he takes his culinary craft to new heights using the freshest of ingredients. MacLennan's style of food is what James Republic refers to as modern Californian coastal cuisine. He goes to farmer's markets weekly, meets with his local purveyors and gets fresh local deliveries from his farm plots at Organic Harvest Gardens Farm twice a week to ensure each dish showcases the season's finest flavors.
  1. Interior view of James Republic
  2. Chef Dave and Crew at the Farm
  3. Owner Chef Dean and Chef Dave in the Kitchen
  4. Delivery Day
  5. Flowers..... Oh yeah!!!
  6. Chef Dave's creative skill
  7. Chef Dave's creative skill
  8. Interior of James Republic
  9. Chef Dave's creative skill
  10. James Republic!!!
  11. Chef Dave's creative skill
  12. Picture of our Lunch at James Republic
  13. Chef Dave's creative skill
  14. Homemade Hot Sauce

Under the Sun & Rainbow Juices

Executive Chef
Dawna Bass & Chrissy Cox

Raw, Local, Organic Goodness! Under the Sun exists to support you in your pursuit of health + happiness with their offerings of high vibrational, organic, living foods + tonics. Their offerings will unfold daily and seasonally as they strive to bring you the best raw, living food on the planet. Rainbow Juices offers the freshest, highest quality juices available locally. Their juices are extracted straight from the living source: Organic Harvest Gardens Farm & other local organic farms.

TASTE & Olives Gourmet Grocer

Executive Chef Brad Neumann
Owners & Founders
Erin O'Hagan & Laurie Semon

TASTE wine-beer-kitchen is a neighborhood restaurant and wine bar located in Belmont Heights, California. They cook elegant, rustic and honest food that takes your senses from classic, nostalgic flavours to new inspired dishes.
Olives Gourmet Grocer is a "real" neighborhood store, it's the kind of place where you will be greeted by name, where the employees will remember your favorites and suggest your favorites-to-be.  

Wide Eyes Open Palms

Executive Chef Kat McIver
 & Master Barista Angie Evans

A Specialty Coffee and Seasonal Food Cafe located at 416 Cherry Ave in sunny Long Beach, CA. One barista and one chef, passionate about seasonality and sustainability, living the dream each and every day. We are feminists and food activists who believe in bringing quality food and beverages to our Long Beach community, which then supports local farmers and coffee producers around the world. Creating from the heart space, we love and appreciate the taste the earth provides us and the community it connects.  Prioritizing local and sustainable sourcing means that our menus will be changing with the seasons and the farmers market availability.
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Long Beach Beer Lab

Executive Chef
Harmony Sage &
Brew Master Levi Fried

The Long Beach Beer Lab is located in the heart of the Wrigley neighborhood of Long Beach. We have quickly become a gathering place for neighbors and friends to meet, discover and enjoy high quality ales, funky sours and wholesome artisan breads in a warm and welcoming environment. Harmony and Levi have been brewing for ten years together. Harmony has a deep understanding of doughs and natural fermentation, and brings a special flare to her vegetarian and vegan creations. Levi's extensive studies in biochemistry and microbiology empower him to apply science and analytics to the brewing and fermentation process.
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Ammatoli - mediterranean bites

Executive Chef Dima Habibeh and Chef Sam Habibeh

AMMATOLI is distinctive and extraordinarily fresh and healthy. We use only the finest quality ingredients, and all our produce and bread are delivered daily.
Our Mediterranean influenced kitchen gains inspiration from the best cuisine the Levant has to offer. Our fresh creative menu items are made from scratch and health oriented.

The result is a cuisine that is tasty and exotic. Levantine food is the epitome of the Mediterranean diet, cuisine that goes under the heading "healthy food", high on vegetables and big on flavor!
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Primal Alchemy Catering

Executive Chef
Paul Buchanan

Primal Alchemy is a premiere caterer in the Los Angeles, Long Beach and Orange County areas. Our catering service promotes using fresh food, in season, grown locally, whenever possible. In many cases the best foods we can eat are extremely fresh, simply seasoned, and prepared in the most straightforward manner as possible. A wonderful experience we wish upon everyone everywhere.
  1. Chef Paul picking up his monthly bounty
  2. Chef Paul helping himself in the fruit orchard
  3. Chef Buchanan of Primal Alchemy Catering
  4. Chef Paul Photoshoot
  5. Chef Paul
  6. Chef Paul and his beautiful wife.
  7. Chef Paul Catering
  8. Chef Paul Award


Executive Chef Phillip Pretty & Co-Owner Danna Tanner

Restauration is a combination of two of our favorite words that are defining pillars of the Long Beach community: restaurant+restore. Situated in the vibrant and creative stretch on 4th street between Cherry and Temple dubbed Retro Row, our little eatery brings the Long Beach family together to pay tribute to the American culinary spirit while embracing modern fare. Co-owner Executive Chef Phillip Pretty can be seen painstakingly working over his menu, as well as, his growing list for his farm plots, to ensure his patrons experience the highest level of culinary magic to ever grace their palates. Fresh, natural, local and seasonal is his mantra.
  1. Executive Chef Pretty with Co-Owner Dana Tanner
  2. Chef Pretty harvesting Lettuce
  3. Chef Pretty in front of Resturation
  4. Chef Pretty in the Kitchen
  5. Chef Pretty at Resturation Farm to Table Dinner
  6. Patio Garden Setting
  7. Chef Pretty Exclusive
  8. Chef Pretty's Masterpiece
  9. Chef Pretty's Masterpiece
  10. Chef Pretty's Masterpiece
  11. Chef Pretty plating it up
  12. Co-Owner Dana at Farm to Table dinner
  13. Dana on the Farm Truck
  14. Chef Pretty's Masterpiece
  15. Chef Pretty's Masterpiece
  16. Chef Pretty's Masterpiece
  17. Chef Pretty's Masterpiece
  18. Chef Pretty with OHG Rod and Adam

Thai District

Executive Chef Ty Theara & Andre Angles

First and only modern Thai restaurant in DTLB. Thai District offers authentic taste & ingredients with northern style features + hip modern decor. Chef Ty Theara's dishes display the genuineness, freshness and distinctive flavors of the old Siamese Masters, yet with the artful presentation of today's culinary giants. Chef Ty a natural farmer himself, propagates native seeds and seedlings from Thailand to preserve the integrity of his dishes.
  1. Ty and Andre in the Kitchen
  2. Chef Ty in the Garden
  3. Chef Ty checking the produce
  4. Sticky Rice
  5. Thai District inviting interior
  6. Chef Ty preparing Thai fried rice.
  7. Interior Arrangement
  8. Chef Ty and Andre enjoying some fresh air
  9. Chef Ty's artistry
  10. Chef Ty's artistry
  11. Chef Ty in his farm plots
  12. Chef Ty in the Kitchen
  13. Co-Owner Andre and Chef Ty
  14. Chef Ty's artistry
  15. Chef Ty's artistry
  16. Chef Ty's artistry
  17. Patron of Thai Distict